ITURO 2008

In ITURO 2008

Many students and robotic enthusiasts attended ITURO 2008 as a competitor or visitor. 375 student projects made pre-registration in ITURO 2008. 212 of them competed in eight different categories: “(Line Follower, Line Follower Enhanced, MiniSumo, Vacuum Cleaner, Fire Fighter, Maze, Balancing Robot, and Innovative Category)”. Participants of organization show their projects on their tables in Süleyman Demirel Cultural Center.

Panel discussions, displays, interviews and symposiums which held in ITURO 2008, presenter of these symposiums and industry representatives are as follows:

Panel Discussion

Control Science and Today’s Robotic

  • Prof. Dr.Hakan Temeltaş (ITU)
  • Prof. Dr. Atilla Bir (ITU)
  • Prof. Dr. Coşkun Sönmez (YTU)
  • Taner İncirci (Kale Altınay Robotic)


  • Image Processing in Robots With Integrated Camera
    Dr. Murat Yeşiloğlu (ITU)
  • Learning Robots
    Prof. Dr. Levent Akın (Boğaziçi U.)
  • Multiple Robot Systems
    Araş. Gör. Sanem Sarıel (ITU)

Image Processing in Robots With Integrated Camera

  • Quadrotor
  • Team of Robotist(RoboCup)

Documentaries and Presentations

  • El-Cezeri Documentary and Presentation
    Prof. Dr. Oğuz Makal (Beykent U.)
  • Ancient Discoveries: Robots
    The History Channel


  • Miniature exhibition of Leman Dinçtürk about El-Cezeri automates

After the closing ceremony of ITURO 2008, in the last day oforganization, the competitors have been transported to Malta Mansion.ITURO 2008 ended after the closing dinner which was organizedfor competitors with contributions of İBB.


Özcan İnan Control Engineer General Coordinator
Ege Karayel Control Engineer General Coordinator Assistant
Elif Köksal Control Engineer Administrative Council Member
Seda Öçal Control Engineer Administrative Council Member
Ercan Örmen Control Engineer Sponsorship Coordinator
Baturalp Aksoy Control Engineer Sponsorship Coordinator
Onur Yiğit Elektronics Engineer Advertising Coordinator
Orhun Süzer Elektronics Engineer Organization Coordinator
Birol Çapa Control Engineer Head of Technical Team
Özen Özkaya Elektronics Engineer Head of Technical Team
Buse Baycan Control Engineer Documentariest
Çağrı Gürbüz Control Engineer
Kerim Kahraman Control Engineer
Hasan Burçin Köşkdereli Hasan Burçin Köşkdereli
Fırat Dede Mechanical Engineer
Ramazan Okur MYO Elektronics Communication
Haluk Yazgöz Control Engineer
Burak Gülseren Control Engineer
Mutlu Ahmet Ayna Elektronics Engineer
Kenan Erdoğan Elektronics Engineer
Rıdvan Yüksel Control Engineer
Özem Kalay Elektronics Engineer
Yusuf Biçer Control Engineer
Mehmet Gök Control Engineer
Alperen Belgiç Control Engineer
Adem Çakır Control Engineer
Onur Öksüz Mechanical Engineer
Kerem Erdem Göç Industrial Product Designer
Sercan Güngör Elektronics Engineer
Mert Yücel Control Engineer
Muharrem Ulu Control Engineer
Çağrı Kanık Control Engineer
Vedat Söylemez Control Engineer
Veysel Uluocak Control Engineer
Kemal Eser Eker Computer Engineer
Okan Özen Emre Electric Engineer
Burak Akgül Elektronics Engineer
Hakan Çetin Kısa Elektronics Engineer
Emine Yılmaz Chemical Engineer
Erdinç Bostancı Space Engineer
Tekin Belek Computer Engineer
Nurullah Çakmak Elektronics Engineer
Murat Can Sayılgan Computer Engineer
Nuri Özdemir Physics Engineer
Fazlı Gökhan Sivrice Electric Engineer
Alper Avcıoğlu Control Engineer
Ercan Kalalı Elektronics Engineer
Ozan İskilibli Elektronics Engineer
Dinçer Alkaç Control Engineer
Serhat H. Bizimtuna Telecommunicaiton Engineer
Tolga Özgümüş Elektronics Engineer
Adem Keleş Elektronics Engineer
Ahmet Uğur Bağatır Environmental Engineer
Kerem Gönüllü Elektronics Engineer
Nedim Şenel Space Engineer
Ayşe Özdemir Jeoloji Engineer
Osman Ali Çiftçi Control Engineer
M. Can Karaahmet Computer Engineer
Gökhan Arslan Civil Engineer
M. Sami Büyüksarıkulak Control Engineer
Yasemin Atakan Mine Engineer
Kerim Türkdoğan Mine Engineer
Buğra Cengiz Mechanical Engineer
Subutay Giray Başkır Elektronics Engineer
Salih Çalışkan Control Engineer
İzzet Yıldız Control Engineer