General Rules

Participation, Conditions and Registiration

  • There is no condition to participate ITURO. Anyone who design a robot for any category can be a competitor.
  • Every competitor is assumed that they have read and accepted the general rules. If competitor do not obey the rules they may be disqualified.
  • Registiration dates will be announced in
  • Registirations will be via internet. Competitors have to register their robots online at
  • Registirations are annual. Competitors that are competed in any ITURO, have to register again step by step every year.
  • Competitors who are registered via internet, have to go to registiration desk to approve their registiration on the organization day (in Suleyman Demirel Culture Center) with the number that is given while online registiration and then take their competitor cards.
  • Competitors who could not registered via internet, can register by filling the registiration form in the registiration table on the organization day. And then take their competitor cards.

Organization Order

  • A table is going to be given to every group or school on the organization day in order to leave their robots and properties.
  • Authorized people’s warnings must be considered for settlement of tables while organization.
  • Unless a school/group don’t have more than 10 robots, additional table will not be given.
  • There will be given one shared board for presentation of the project or school/group in the innovative category. Thus, competitors have to prepare their presentations in 50cm*70cm scale or smaller. Further problems do not concern Control and Automation Club.
  • Control and Automation Club is not responsible for any loss or damage of property while organization.
  • Control and Automation Club has right to disqualify any competitor who acts disruptive behaviours.
  • Anyone who damage other competitor’s robot, property or any fixture of organization place will be disqualified with his/her group.
  • It is forbidden to commercialize.

Competitions and Protests

  • For each robot, maximum 4 person-crew can be responsible.
  • Each team has to have a captain. Team captain is also the person who registered the team.
  • Competitors have to take along their participant cards before coming to the competition area. Otherwise, they can not verify their responsibility on robot.
  • The only right for asking questions to the referee is belong to the team captain during competition. Other than a team member can’t intervene the competition. Only group members can intervene competition. In case of such an intervention, the person can be disqulified with his/her group members.
  • It is forbidden to protest the results while competition because of its negative effect on the general order. Protests have to made after the competition by the rules.
  • Control and Automation Club has the rights of disqualify the competitors, in case of repetitive protests to referee.
  • The competitor who wants to protest has to apply a pre-specified form to the supreme counsil.
  • Petition for protest has to be filled by the team captain and submitted.
  • Protests can be made via internet or via the petition for protest.
  • Protests will be considered by the supreme counsil which is determined by the Control and Automation Club and then results will be announced to the relevant person.
  • Same protest can not be repeated if it was rejected before. A group that repeat the same protest will be disqualified.
  • Protests which are not made properly will not considered.
NOTE:Besides these rules, rules of the competitions must be considered.
NOTE:Control and Automation Club has the rights of changing rules.


Last Update :09.04.2013 16.30