ITURO 2012

In ITURO 2012

Robot Olympics of ITU organized in 12-13-14 April 2012 at Süleyman Demirel Cultural Center in Ayazağa Campus of ITU. 855 student projects made pre-registration for ITURO 2012. 310 of them competed in seven different categories: “(Line Follower, MiniSumo, Vacuum Cleaner, Fire Fighter, Maze, Balancing Robot and Innovative Category)”. Participants of organization showed their projects on their tables in Süleyman Demirel Cultural Center. The robots, brought to exhibit by sponsors of ITURO, Neotech and Entech Educational Technologies, attracted the attention of visitors. ITURO 2012 had many competitors from 90 different universities and high schools and over 7000 visitors. ITURO 2012 found a considerable place in written and visual media.

18 projects which have competed in different categories were awarded with prizes. Competitors of Innovative Category took an opportunity to show and present their projects in visual media.

There were also panel discussions, interviews and symposiums out of the competitions in ITURO 2012. Visitors and competitors interested with the symposiums which have different subjects about robotics. Panel discussions, displays, interviews and symposiums which were held in ITURO 2012 are as follows:

Panel Discussion

Road Map of Robotics in Turkey

  • Prof Dr. Levent Akın (Boğaziçi University)
  • Prof. Dr. Ahmet KUZUCU (ITU)
  • Prof. Dr. Erol UYAR (Dokuz Eylül University)
  • H. Cengiz Celep (Entek)
  • Ahmet SAKALLI (ITU Undergraduate student)
  • Enver CANDAN (ITU Undergraduate student)


  • Hands-on Training on LEGO - Mindstorms Robots forMechatronics First Year Students
    Prof. Dr. Michael Beitelschmidt (TU Dresden)
  • Artificial imaging systems
    Yrd. Doç. Dr. Hülya Yalçın


  • Underwater viewing Vehicles-Engin Aygün
  • Eurobot TURAG Eurobot Team


  • Rescue Robots (Doç. Dr. Emin Faruk KEÇECİ)
  • Hobby Robots (Neotech)
  • Underwater Robots (Engin AYGÜN)
  • TURAG Team Competition Robot
  • Human Interface Robot (Entek Educational Technologies)


Humanoid Robot (Neotech)

ITURO crew organized a boat tour in Bosphorus and this tour attracted the interest of almost all competitors. After the closing ceremony of ITURO 2012, in the last day of organization, the competitors have been transported to Taksim and ITURO 2012 ended with the closing dinner which was organized for competitors.

ITURO 2012 Crew

Atakan Şahin Control Engineer General Coordinator
Aslıhan Büşra Kop Control Engineer Sponsorship
Ferit HacıoğluControl Engineer Coordinators
İrem Damla Nacar Control Engineer Advertising
Alper Öz Electrical Engineer Coordinators
İlkin Gökçe Control Engineer Organization
Özgür Güçlü Control Engineer Coordinators
İbrahim Petriçli Electronics Engineer Head of Technical Team
Güven Toprakkıran Telecommunication Engineer Head of Informatics Team
Başak Pınar Control Engineer Administrative Council
Timur Can Dericioğlu Electrical Engineer Members
Ahmet Çolak Physics Engineer
Ahmet Dursun Electrical Engineer
Akın İlker Savran Control Engineer
Ali Emre Pekmez Electrical Engineer
Ali İlhami Öztan Electronics and Communication Engineer
Altuğ Yıldırım Physics Engineer
Alp Yaman Electronics Engineer
Arif İçke Control Engineer
Ayberk Ustaoğlu Control Engineer
Aydın Bulut Electrical Engineer
Aylin Pektekin Control Engineer
Ayşegül Çağla Gerçek Chemical Engineer
Bartu Durak Control Engineer
Betül Kırlı Electronics and Communication Engineer
Bora Bayraktaroğlu Control Engineer
Burcu Aksakaloğlu Control Engineer
Büşra Coşar Control Engineer
Can Berk Aykaç Electrical Engineer
Caner Erdoğan Control Engineer
Çağla Gürsoy Control Engineer
Dilara Avşar Space Engineer
Dilara Çağlar Control Engineer
Efil Bengisu Saygı Electrical Engineer
Ege Kural Control Engineer
Emre Zengin Control Engineer
Engin Gürbüz Control Engineer
Ertunga Bezirgan Electronics and Communication Enginner
Giray Balcı Control Engineer
Gülşah Arar Producing Engineer Engineer
Hüseyin Cem Köylü Ship Engineer
Ilgaz Somer Electrical Engineer
İlkin Tutku İpsalalı Control Engineer
İnci Karbuz Control Engineer
İrem Tozkoparan Control Engineer
Mehmet Cahit Özdemir Control Engineer
Mert Kahyaoğlu Electronics and Communication Enginner
Mertcan Cibooğlu Control Engineer
Mesut Karaman Control Engineer
Nergiz Şahin Electronics Engineer
Oğuz Tan Control Engineer
Özgür Erbulan Control Engineer
Pelin Yetiş Control Engineer
Pınar Adar Control Engineer
Salim Cenk Elmacı Electrical Engineer
Samet Rasih Köseli Electronics and Communication Engineer
Seher Akay Electronics Engineer
Selim Eskiocak Geomatic Engineer
Selim Yıldız Mathematics Engineer
Semih Günden Electrical Engineer
Tahsin Tosun Control Engineer
Tuğçe Ceylan Control Engineer
Yağmur Kırca Electrical Engineer