ITURO 2009

In ITURO 2009

Many students and robotic enthusiasts attended ITURO 2009 as a competitor or visitor. 563 student projects made pre-registration in ITURO 2009. 224 of them competed in eight different categories: “(Line Follower, Line Follower Enhanced,MiniSumo,Vacuum Cleaner, Fire Fighter, Maze, Balancing Robot, and Innovative Category)”. Participants of organization show their projects on their tables in Süleyman Demirel Cultural Center.

Panel discussions, displays, interviews and symposiums which held in ITURO 2009, presenter of these symposiums and industry representatives are as follows:

Panel Discussion

Developments related to Robotics in Turkey

  • Emin Olcay (The Chairman of ENOSAD)
  • Turan Türkmen (Head of the Education Council of Enosad)
  • Prof. Dr. Erol Uyar (Professor of Dokuz Eylül University, Faculty of mechanical Engineering)
  • Bahadır Kılıç (Head of Robotic Department of Stäubli)
  • Emre Sönmez (Turkey CEO of Schunk)
  • Onur Şencan (Graduate student of ITU, control engineering)


  • First Automata Examples
    Prof. Dr. Atilla Bir (ITU)
  • Lateral Movement In Robots
    Prof. Dr. Ahmet Kuzucu (ITU)
  • Robotics In Industry
    Tunc Acarkan (Staubli Robotic Application Eng.)
  • Humanoid Robots
    Prof. Dr. M. Kemal Leblebicioğlu (ODTU)
  • Humanoid Robots
    Doc. Dr. Kemalettin Erbatur (Sabancı University)


  • Broadcasting Robot
    Cem Arslan


  • 6-Axis Anthropomorphic Robot arm
  • Submerged robot
  • Indoor Navigation Robot (Prof. Dr. Erol Uyar -Dokuz Eylül University)

After the closing ceremony of ITURO 2009, in the last day of organization, the competitors have been transported to Hidiv Mansion. ITURO2009 ended after the closing dinner which was organized for competitors with contributions of IBB


Ege Karayel Control Engineer General Coordinator
Mert Yücel Control Engineer Organization Coordinator
Hasan Baykal Control Engineer Sponsorship Coordinator
Alper Yükselen Control Engineer Administrative Council Member
Kenan Erdoğan Electronics Engineer Administrative Council Member
Kübra Tural Control Engineer Administrative Council Member
Nur Aksoy Electronics Engineer
Mucahit Alanur Electrical Engineer
Dursun Çağdaş Akalın Control Engineer
Fatih Alanat Control Engineer
Emrah Mesut Bildir Control Engineer
Mirşan Budak Control Engineer
Hakan Çelik Control Engineer
Anday Demirsoy Control Engineer
Arda Demiray Electronics Engineer
Armağan Ersöz Mathematics Engineer
Ahmet Burak Güler Control Engineer
Çağrı Güzay Control Engineer
Kaan Geçir Control Engineer
Gizem Güneş Control Engineer
Ali Arda Girgin Control Engineer
Mustafa Hacısalihoğlu Control Engineer
Mehmet Can Hancar Electrical Engineer
İsmail Hancı Electronics Engineer
Kübra Hıdıroğlu Electrical Engineer
Arif İçke Control Engineer
Zeynep Elif Kaymakçı Telecommunication Engineer
Burcu Kutluğ Control Engineer
Aykut Önol Control Engineer
Yunus Özdemir Electronics Engineer
Hasan Okan Özcan Control Engineer
Ahmet Sakallı Control Engineer
Selay Soysal Control Engineer
Gamze Sivas Control Engineer
Aycan Sarıoğlu Control Engineer
Güneş Turan Control Engineer
Ali Şakır Electronics Engineer
Onur Tanrıverdi Electrical Engineer
Ezgi Tuna Control Engineer
Ahmet Taşkın Control Engineer
Selva Turhaner Electronics Engineer
Caglar Mert Yılmaz Control Engineer
Osman Kasım Control Engineer
M.Alper Özden Control Engineer
Uğurcan Altınörs Control Engineer
Duygu Sönmez Electronics Engineer
Onuralp Yiğit Computer Engineer