ITURO 2010


ITU Robot Olympics of organized in 15-16-17 April 2010 at Süleyman Demirel Cultural Center in Ayazağa Campus of ITU. 651 student projects made pre-registration in ITURO 2010. 354 of them competed in seven different categories: “(Line Follower, Line Follower Enhanced, MiniSumo,Vacuum Cleaner, Fire Fighter, Maze, Balancing Robot and Innovative Category)” Participants of organization show ed their projects on their tables in Süleyman Demirel Cultural Center. ITURO2010 had many competitors from 70 different universities and high schools an over 6000 visitors. ITURO 2010 found a place in written and visual media. ITURO 2010 achieved to be first in its branch with online live broadcast.

21 projects which were made in different categories were awarded with the prizes. Competitors of Innovative Category took an opportunity to show and present their projects in visual media. Competitors also took these prizes: industrial design, patent and utility model. There were also panel discussions, interviews and symposiums out of the competitions in ITURO 2011.

Visitors and competitors interested with the symposiums which are different subjects about robotics. Panel iscussions, displays, interviews and symposiums which held in ITURO 2010 are as follows

Panel Discussion

Robotic education in Turkey and Expectations of Industry

  • Turan Türkmen (Head of the Education Council of Enosad)
  • Assist. Prof. Murat YEŞİLOĞLU (ITU)
  • Assist. Prof. Ali Fuat ERGENÇ (ITU)
  • A.Ali ŞEN (Otes Industrial Head of Robotic Departmant)


  • Navigation for unmanned aerial vehicles in intensive conditions and Aggressive Control of Unmanned Combat Aircraft
    Emre Koyuncu (ITU), Kemal Üre (ITU)
  • Rehabilitation and medical robots
    Duygun Erol Barkana (Assistant Professor of Yeditepe Univesity)
  • Multiple robotic systems and Applications
    Sanem Sarıel Talay (Assistant Professor of ITU) (İTÜ)
  • Humanoid robots
    Prof. Dr. M. Kemal Leblebicioğlu(ODTÜ)
  • Design and Control of Unmanned submarine
    M. Kemal Leblebicioğlu (Professor of METU)


  • A Different Perspective Approach to Ethical Values Robotics: Why Patent? What is trademark, utility model and industrial design?
    Marpataş patent
  • BeeStanbul: Interview with RoboCup Team of ITU
    BeeStanbul (ITU)


  • Mobile Robot
  • Industrial Cartesian Robots
  • Humanoid Robots

ITURO crew organized a boat tour in Bosphorus and this tour attracted the interest of almost all competitors. After the closing ceremony of ITURO 2010, in the last day of organization, the competitors have been transported to Maçka campus of ITU and ITURO2010 ended with the closing dinner which was organized for competitors.


Emeç Erçelik Electronics Engineer General Coordinator
Dursun Çağdaş Akalın Control Engineer Sponsorship Coordinator
Selay Soysal Control Engineer Sponsorship Coordinator
Kübra Hıdıroğlu Electrical Engineer Advertising Coordinator
Selva Turhaner Electronics Engineer Advertising Coordinator
Ahmet Sakallı Control Engineer Organization Coordinator
Ali Şakır Electronics Engineer Organization Coordinator
Armağan Ersöz Mathematics Engineer Administrative Council Member
Ahmet Somuncu Industrial Electronics
A.Hilal İlgeç Control Engineer
A. Koray Bora Control Engineer
Abuzer Bakmaz Producing Engineer
Ahmet Furkan Oruç Control Engineer
Ali Sancak Electronics Engineer
Alperen Yavuz Electronics Engineer
Anıl Şeker Electronics Engineer
Arif İçke Control Engineer
Arzu Çakmak Computer Engineer
Aykut Önol Control Engineer
Begüm Yıldırım Electronics Engineer
Berat İnci Material Engineer
Birkan Sağlam Control Engineer
Burak Kıral Control Engineer
Burak Öztürk Electrical Engineer
Ekin Koçak Mechanical Engineer
Emekcan Aras Control Engineer
Enver Candan Electrical Engineer
Eren Kuzu Control Engineer
Ezgi Tuna Control Engineer
Fatih Öztaş Electrical Engineer
Görkem Yıldız Control Engineer
Güven Toprakkıran Telecommunication Engineer
Hakan Çelik Control Engineer
Halil Deveci Control Engineer
Hasan Çimentepe Electronics Engineer
İbrahim Petriçli Electronics Engineer
Kürşat Sorkulu Electrical Engineer
M. Alper Özden Control Engineer
Mehmet Fatih Bayar Mechanical Engineer
Mehmet Oğuz Salış Control Engineer
Mertcan Cibooğlu Control Engineer
Metin Tezcan Mechanical Engineer
Münevver Önyay Mathematic Engineer
Nazlı B. Şahinoğlu Mathematic Engineer
Orkun Kocatürk Control Engineer
Osman Kasım Control Engineer
Özgün Ünsal Electronics Engineer
Rasim Tetiker Mechanical Engineer
Rıza Özdülger Telecommunication Engineer
Salih Şener Mechanical Engineer
Salim Cenk Elmacı Electrical Engineer
Şaduman Öngelen Control Engineer
Serhan Subaşı Control Engineer
Sezgin Güdük Control Engineer
Tevfik Soylu Electronics Engineer
Tuğba Mesci Mathematic Engineer
Uğurcan Altınörs Control Engineer
Yiğit Unallar Electrical Engineer
Zeynep Elif Kaymakçı Telecommunication Engineer